Min-Met DMS Plants For Sale:

Mining and Mineral DMS Plants For Sale

Our Modular Processing Plants are self-contained or integrated into conventional plants. The plants are used for mining operations, prospecting, exploration and testing. Min-Met plants are easy to erect since they are trail erected at the workshop. Min-Met design in Mineral Processing Projects services are LSTK or EPCM it is also customized modular processing plants to ensure that the specific plant is fit for purpose for client's requirements.

Min-Met Projects modular DMS plants ranges from:

15 t/h DMS

20 t/h DMS

30 t/h DMS

50 t/h DMS

100 t/h DMS

150 t/h DMS

240 t/h DMS

Every ore is different. Minmet has the experience to match the right process, equipment and overall plant design for the optimum performance

The grade of ores continues to decline globally. The pressure for getting more out of existing mines continues to increase. The challenge is how to get the best performance from your investment, whether greenfield or brownfield. You need a partner who knows the process and has world-class equipment to make the most challenging results possible.

A mineral processing project delivered on time, on budget and with the designed performance is not the standard in mining – it is the exception. How do you make sure that your project is not another one that does not meet the goal? You need a partner who knows the process, the designs and has the experience to deliver them on time.

Delivering results for the mining industry

Minmet Project's team of experienced process engineers can evaluate the ore to provide an optimum design for maximum recovery and lowest total cost of ownership.

With decades of experience designing plants to be optimized for a low-cost operation and ease of maintenance using the feeding arrangement to the crushers or the use of gravity flow wherever possible, the plant is designed to get the best equipment performance. And as the OEM of the major equipment, maintenance access is done right.

Equipment is selected in the preliminary design phase as the plants can be integrated into existing plants.